Welcome to our Rise of the Runelords Campaign Journal.
Sandpoint, where our story begins.

You all are young adventurous types, most likely from Varisia though some of you might be foreigners to the region. In either case you are all in Sandpoint now and have answered the town’s call for heroes.

A week ago Sandpoint celebrated the annual Swallowtail Festival, a holiday in honor of the goddess Desna held on the first day of autumn. Along with the festival Sandpoint was planning to consecrate their recently finished temple.

The celebration was cut short by a goblin raid, though luckily there were several brave individuals who banded together and ran the goblins off before Sandpoint burned a second time. Evidence of something larger than goblins was discovered shortly after, and the heroes went out into the wilds of the Lost Coast to investigate further. Days later they have been presumed dead, and Sandpoint has put out the call for more brave souls…

Playing The Game
Take a few minutes and read through This. I don’t expect you to read through the entire thread, but I want you to read the original post, as it lays out some very good practices for Play By Post gaming. It comes from the assumption that you’re playing on the Paizo boards and running a Pathfinder game, so some of it isn’t relevant, but the core lessons are sound.

Rise of the Runelord